On-Premise Business Phone System Applications

In addition to all of the great features built into our on-premise phone systems, we also have a wide range of applications that can enhance your system even more. These applications help your employees collaborate more efficiently, track customer service, communicate with customers more easily, and more.

Some of the applications available for our Mitel on-premise phone systems are:

Instant Messaging

Employees are able to quickly chat with their coworkers using their PC or mobile device.

Control Phone and Phone Calls from PC and Mobile Phone

Dictate where you want your calls to ring by changing your status. In a meeting? Set your status so that all calls go straight to voicemail. Out of the office? Set your status so all calls go to your mobile phone. With this application, you can change your status and control your desk phone using your pc or mobile phone.



Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing

Host your own webinars for your customers. Give your employees the ability to video conference, screen share, take control of each other’s desktops, and more. No more paying subscription fees for web conferencing.

Call Recording

Record all of your customer service calls for training and problem solving.

Call Reporting

Get detailed call information like total number of calls, number of abandoned calls, average wait time to be answered, and much more. Have the ability to see when your busy times are so you can schedule accordingly. Get detailed call reports sent to you automatically.


These are just a few of the many applications we have available for our on-premise phone systems.
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