Electronic Communication Services Inc. was founded in 1989 by three former coworkers: Dale Sherman, Mathew Onderko Jr., and John Walker. Dale, Matt, and John sought to provide their customers with quality products (mainly phone systems and TVs), affordable pricing, and above all else, service that they could count on. While ECS has grown into a managed technology service provider with customers all over the US, those same core principles still guide the company as it continues to grow.


Today ECS ownership consists of Karen Lytle, Steve Sherman, Jeff Lytle, and Andrew Boyer. The ECS team has grown to over 14 team members and our products and services provide customers with phone systems, video surveillance, access control, managed IT, low-voltage cabling, audio/visual equipment and more. ECS currently has customers in 31 states and counting.



Karen  Lytle

Karen Lytle

Director of Operations
Steve  Sherman

Steve Sherman

Director of Project Management
Jeff  Lytle

Jeff Lytle

Director of Business Development
Andy  Boyer

Andy Boyer

Director of Project Development
Janet  Bowen

Janet Bowen

Accounting / Customer Service
Mark  Swick

Mark Swick

Senior Project Manager
Charlie  Warner

Charlie Warner

Marketing Specialist
Sara  Rathburn

Sara Rathburn

Operations Assistant
Mark  Fairchild

Mark Fairchild

Project Manager
Nick  Mayo

Nick Mayo

Installation Technician
Chris  Morey

Chris Morey

IT Services Manager
Mark  Gebhardt

Mark Gebhardt

Sales Representative
Dylan  Nickels

Dylan Nickels

Installation Technician
Lindsay  Sherman

Lindsay Sherman

Accounting / Customer Service Representative