Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What all does ECS offer?
A: ECS offers Voice, Security, Managed IT, Low Voltage Cabling, and Audio/Visual solutions. We can provide a business with the majority of technolgoy they need to collaborate, be efficient, and be secure.

Q: Should I be utilizing the cloud?
A: The cloud can encompass a variety of technologies that include voice, security, collaboration, data storage, and more solutions. There are a lot of great benefits to the cloud, but it does not mean that it is right for all technology and for all businesses. We at ECS take each customer's scenario and come up with a tailored recommendation that we feel will serve that customer the best.

Q: Should I hire IT staff or work with an Managed Service Provider (MSP)?
A:  Every business is different and requires different levels of service. There are a few facts to keep in mind when deciding between hiring IT staff versus working with an MSP. When you work with an MSP you are getting a full IT team supporting you and a lot of the technology you need comes with the service itself. A business would need to make multiple hires to get equivalent service to an MSP. While you may not need an entire team supporting you, IT encompasses a very diverse number of technologies, and finding a candidate at an affordable salary that can adequately support all of your technology can be challenging. There are benefits to having someone on site, but most support requests can be handled remotely therefore negating the need for on-site staff. Also, or Managed IT services can include on-site support too! From a financial perspective, working with an MSP is a fraction of the cost of hiring IT staff.

Q: Do I still need a backup solution if I am utilizing the cloud?
A: YES! The cloud is great, but it is just an alternative to storing your data on site. ECS highly recommends utilizing backup solutions for your data. Having a disaster recovery plan in place that is routinely tested is critical for maintaining business continuity when a disaster strikes. Click here to learn more about our business continuity/disaster recovery services

Q: If I don't have great cell signal outside of my building can I still boost it inside?
A: Cell signal does not have to be perfect outside of your building in order for the boosters to be able to increase the signal inside your building.

Q: Can I use my cell phone for business calls?
A: Yes! Our voice solutions provide customers with the ability to utilize a mobile app on a cell phone to make/receive business calls, send SMS messages using the business number, chat with co-workers, access voicemail, set presence, and more. This app allows the business to keep control of the number and for users to not have to give out their mobile number. Click here to learn more about our voice solutions.

Q: What is Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)?
A: HaaS provides businesses with the ability to keep their technology up to date and their technology budgets stable. Click here for more.

Q: Do Managed Service Providers work with existing IT staff?
A: All the time! We offer Co-Managed IT services for when a business has an existing IT staff but needs additional support. Co-Managed IT services can vary but can be first level support, escalated support, network management, cybersecurity management, and more. Our Co-Managed IT services can be tailored to provide your IT staff with the supplemental support/services they need.

Q: Are there security solutions that let you manage everything from one platform?
A: Yes! Verkada solutions include video surveillance, access control, alarms, visitor management, environmental sensors, and more, all from one platform. Click here to learn more about our security solutions.

Q: Does ECS offer after-hours emergency support?
A: Yes! ECS has on-call support staff available 24/7/365.