Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D)

Bring Your Own Device

It is becoming a more common practice for companies to institute a “Bring Your Own Device” policy in order to cut costs and allow employees to use a device they are comfortable with. A “Bring Your Own Device” policy has employees bring their personal devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc…) to the office and connect them to their employer’s network. This allows the employee to use a device they are familiar with and allows the employer to avoid the cost of additional equipment. While there are downsides to B.Y.O.D. (less security, less employer control over devices, etc…) it is gaining popularity.

If your company is looking into or has already established a B.Y.O.D. policy, ECS can provide you with a Mitel Phone System that will allow employees to use their smartphone, tablet, or laptop as their desk phone. Through the use of SIP softphones (which can be loaded onto virtually any of these devices) and a Mitel Phone System, you can route calls from your cell phone/tablet/laptop through your business phone system.

Benefits of Using SIP Softphones in a B.Y.O.D. Environment:

  • SIP Softphone Apps. are typically low cost or even free
  • Employers retain the use of their business phone numbers
  • Employees would not be using their cell phone plan minutes since the calls would go over their data plan or WIFI
  • Extension dialing among users, regardless of their location
  • Employers cut expenses since the only cost would be a SIP Device License

The Mitel MiVoice Office and Mitel MiVoice Business both Support SIP Softphones.

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