Cloud Phone Systems vs On-Premise Phone Systems

What’s the Difference?

A hosted phone system delivers phone system features and phone service to your business via the internet. With our hosted phone system solution, your standard monthly fee includes your phone system features, local and long distance charges, maintenance, and software upgrades. There is little to no upfront costs and you can replace your phone bills, phone system maintenance costs, and upgrade fees with one standard monthly fee.

An on-premise phone system involves purchasing a phone system and installing it in your office. Our on-premise system software can be installed in your office using a physical controller, an industry standard server, or virtually using VMware. When you purchase an on-premise system, you pay more upfront but own the equipment.

What should I choose?

There is no wrong choice when choosing between a hosted phone system in the cloud and an on-premise phone system. Both solutions solve the same problems, but in different ways. Depending on your needs and situation, one solution might make more sense for you than the other. We go into every project with hosted and on-premise on the table and let the situation decide for us. Sometimes both solutions make sense, and it comes down to the customer’s preference.

If you are trying to decide which way to go but are lost, reach out to us! We are trained on and have installed, both hosted and on-premise phone systems. We can help you navigate and find a solution that makes the most sense for your business.

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