Digital Signage

ECS has teamed up with JANUS Displays to provide cutting-edge digital signage for your business or hotel. With so many ways to be deployed, there is a solution for any need.
Featured capabilities include:Digital Signage
  • animated designs
  • interactive event listings and directories
  • wayfinding tools, local maps
  • weather information
  • dining reservations
  • check-in information
  • menu boards
  • advertising
  • emergency messaging
  • and more!




Hospitality - JANUS Displays works with your property to create a custom hospitality digital signage solution. This solution will help you provide information to guests, increase revenue, and save you and your team time. Our custom hospitality digital signage products include concierge boards, video walls, menu touch screens, room boards, and information for guest room channels. With your digital display solution in place, your guests will know everything your property has to offer.

Business - Communication in your company is vital to its success. JANUS Displays creates corporate digital signage solutions that help keep communication lines open in your organization. Our displays relay important human resources messages, notify team members of upcoming meetings and/or events, track sales efforts, provide safety messages, and more. Whether your company is large or small, JANUS Displays creates custom corporate digital signage systems to cover all of your needs.

Education - Broadcast campus news and increase awareness of on-site events via an education digital signage solution. A digital signage wayfinding solution helps students find classrooms, lecture theaters, and key staff on campus. A digital wayfinding solution also helps visitors find their way around. Our professional design team will work with you to develop design foundations that ensure your campus looks amazing. Our technicians will train your team on how to update the information if you need to cancel class, share information about an upcoming event, promote a guest lecture, remind students about student government elections, and more.

We are very excited to be offering these displays as another way to strengthen communications with your guests and employees alike. Contact us below for more information on how digital signage can work for you.


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