About Electronic Communications Services, Inc.

Electronic Communication Services Inc. was formed in 1989 by three former coworkers; Mathew Onderko Jr., Dale Sherman, and John Walker. Today we have 10 employees and we occupy a 6,000-square-foot- headquarters, centrally located off of Interstate 79 and 90. ECS is a major provider of telecommunications equipment and applications for a variety of customers, including hotels and motels, manufacturing facilities, schools, and an array of vendors and government agencies.

Our customers are located up and down the East coast and, as far west, as Texas with a focus on the NY/PA/OH tri-state area. We are a member of the Manufacturers’ Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Erie, Meadville, Titusville, and Girard/Lake City Chambers of Commerce. ECS is known and has been recognized for, our exceptional customer service.

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