Cordless Phones

VTech VSP600

VTech VSP600

Add hands-free mobility to your SIP communications with the VSP600 base station. Thanks to DECT 6.0 technology, you can add up to six cordless devices per base station, using any combination of our VSP601 SIP cordless handsets or VSP608 SIP cordless desk sets each with its own extension or unique phone number. The base station can be configured for up to six lines and supports up to four active, concurrent calls.

VTech VSP600 features:

  • DECT 6.0 sound quality and reception
  • Register up to six cordless handsets and/or desk sets to the VSP600 DECT cordless base station and program each one with its own phone number or extension
  • View and manage up to two calls at the same time (per handset)
  • User-friendly interface, large backlit display, two soft keys and navigational pad
  • Cordless base station can be free-standing or wall-mounted


EnGenius DuraFon 1X

EnGenius DuraFon 1X

The DuraFon 1X phone system offers a communication solution for real-world applications for small businesses (restaurants and resorts) or for large industrial facilities (farms, manufacturing plants, and multi-level office buildings). This basic system includes one DuraFon 1X receiver/base and one DuraFon 1X handset but the system is scalable with up to (9) to handsets that can be assigned to one DuraFon 1X base/receiver; or expanding the system with the purchase of additional base stations and handsets. DuraFon 1X is an ideal starter phone system for small companies or as a complementary system with an existing PBX or IP-PBX phone system when companies need a longer range communication solution than what DECT or Wi-Fi phones can deliver. Businesses can add to their system, choosing between the full functionality of portable, ruggedized DuraFon 1X handsets or if they just need a durable 2-Way (walkie-talkie) solution for more internal communication.

The DuraFon 1X system's extended range capabilities enable long-range communication for a variety of environments and industrial applications. Workers on ranches and farms can stay connected with one another on over 3,000 acres of land. For nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, the DuraFon 1X system can keep everyone connected in buildings with up to 12 floors. For warehouses, convention centers and other venues, DuraFon 1X has an indoor range of up to 250,000 square feet.

The DuraFon 1X system has numerous features and tools to keep everyone on the system connected and communicating including simultaneous alerts and broadcasts allowing for instant communications to all handsets in emergency situations, as well as intercom and speakerphone functionality for hands-free communication. Despite its feature-rich functionality, the DuraFon 1X system is easy to program and install, so even new employees can be up and running in just a few minutes.

EnGenius DuraFon 1X features:

  • Up to 12 floors in-building penetration; up to 250,000 sq. ft. of facility coverage and up to 3,000 acres of property, open land coverage
  • Tested, ruggedized handset specifically designed for outdoor work in industrial environments
  • Each handset has up to 6 hours talk time and up to 50 hours standby time when fully charged
  • Add up to 9 phone handsets for each base station


Mitel 5624 WiFi PhoneMitel 5624 WiFi Phone

This wireless handset is designed for use in an office environment and is perfect for users who need to be reachable or able to access their messages from throughout the building.

The MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone seamlessly blends the wireless needs of the user with a wide range of critical applications like voice messaging and integrates with fixed legacy applications within the organization.

The MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone is Mitel's first VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi) handset operating on 802.11n network; it supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity.

Mitel 5624 WiFi Phone features:

  • Color LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery with a standby time of up to 100 hours, and talk time of up to 15 hours
  • 12 programmable buttons


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