Meeting Rooms

ECS provides the equipment needed for small to large meeting spaces. We know what it takes to provide the ideal equipment employees and guests need for meetings and events. The meeting room services we provide include:

  • speaker phones
  • projectors
  • microphones
  • speaker systems
  • AV inputs (hdmi, microphone, etc.)

Konftel c2055wx


Huddle Rooms

With a focus on faster decision-making and greater productivity, it's no wonder huddle rooms are quickly becoming the go-to for workplace conferencing. Solutions such as the Konftel c2055wx and Poly Studio are the perfect hubs to build your huddle room around.

Our huddle room solutions both provide:

  • high quality audio and video
  • multi-platform connectevity (such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Ringcentral, and others)
  • simple deployment and upkeep
  • scalable and adjustable to your needs


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