Mitel Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing


Get audio conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration all in one application across PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Easily enhance any meeting with real-time file and screen sharing, review and collaboration on top of voice and video.

Enhance Productivity and Innovation

Connect with others, regardless of location, to share, discuss and collaborate on documents and presentations, and ultimately make more informed timely decisions.

Improve Customer Responsiveness

Easily establish a web collaboration session with key subject matter experts to quickly resolve customer issues or simply to help customers navigate and locate items on your e-commerce site.

Reduce Business Costs

With no limits on to the number of conferencing hosts, no special event connection costs, and no expensive add-ons to worry about, you can help more people connect with each other.

MiCollab Client iPad

Hold Scheduled and Ad-Hoc Conferences

Initiate a variety of meetings types, from scheduled calls (one-time or recurring) to ad-hoc sessions. Participants can call in to join a conference, or have MiCollab call them, simplifying the process and providing greater convenience.

Multi-Point Video Conferencing

Build stronger, more effective working relationships amongst geographically-dispersed terms with the power of video. Plus, with MiCollab, workers don’t need formal video conferencing equipment like conference phones and room cameras - just standard PC webcams.

Web-Based Collaboration Software

Participants can use standard web browsers to stream meeting audio, view the meeting leader’s shared desktop, and virtually raise hands or give thumbs up / thumbs down. Mobile and external participants don’t need to download extra client applications onto their devices to participate.

Key Benefits:

  • Scheduled and ad-hoc conferences
  • Available on PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Audio conferencing
  • Videoconferencing with Web sharing
  • File sharing / Screen sharing
  • Chat and group chat
  • Outlook calendar integration
  • Conferencing recording
  • Custom access codes
  • Secure remote working

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