Five Reasons to Move Your Communications to Mitel’s Cloud

1. Cost

With a Mitel hosted phone system you don’t need to worry about the “what if’s” when it comes to your cost. You have one monthly fee that accounts for your phone system, advanced phone system applications, and your phone service. With Mitel’s Cloud, any maintenance associated with the phone system is taken care of by Mitel. Also covered by Mitel are your local and long distance charges.

2. Scalability

Mitel’s Cloud offering gives you the ability to add users to your account with a simple click of a button or phone call. Unlike on-premise systems where hardware and licenses are needed, adding users to Mitel’s Cloud solution consists of you saying you need to add users and Mitel sending you the phones. Grow your business without the burden of high expenses.

3. Management

Let someone else deal with the management of your phone system! When utilizing Mitel’s Cloud solution, you can leave the implementation and support of the phone system to their knowledgeable technicians. Have an issue or need something changed? Click or call to have your issue remedied! Today’s phone systems are so complex. Lighten the workload for your IT staff by moving your communications to the cloud.

4. Always Up To Date

You should always keep your phone system up to date and at the latest software version. Staying current with software releases is the best way to help keep it secure from hackers. In addition to security and bug fixes, you also gain the ability to utilize the latest features that have been released with each software version. There is no easier way to stay up to date with the latest software version than there is when you utilize Mitel’s Cloud solution. When you move your communications to Mitel’s Cloud, you will always be at the latest and most secure software level.

5. Disaster Recovery

In today’s world, being out of service for any amount of time can result in lost business. There are too many choices for customers to pick from - they won't wait until they can contact you. The easiest and most cost-effective way to stay connected to your customers is to move your communications to the Mitel Cloud offering. Whether your internet is down, there is a power outage, or your building becomes uninhabitable, your customers will always be able to reach you with the Mitel Cloud solution.

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