Security Cameras


We offer a wide range of security cameras and recording systems that will help keep your employees and business safe. Let our experienced technicians work with you to design a camera layout that records the areas you are most concerned about.

In addition to traditional cameras and recorders we also offer hosted security camera systems. Increase protection and lower costs by utilizing the cloud. A hosted security camera system utilizes your internet connection and IP cameras. This allows you to have the cameras on site and your recording system in the cloud. If disaster strikes your building, rest assured knowing the recordings are safely stored off site.

Benefits of a Hosted Security Camera System:

  • Lower Upfront Cost

  • Off-Site Storage of Recordings

  • Ability to Add Remote Monitoring

    • Let the provider monitor for you! With this service, you can reduce the costs of security personnel by utilizing the optional monitoring service.

  • Ability to Deploy a Hybrid On-Premise / Hosted Solution

  • And More!

Whether you are interested in a traditional solution with cameras and a DVR/NVR or a hosted solution, ECS is able to help you reach your security goals.

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