ECS is Meeting the Needs of Education

ECS Solution for Education

Despite shrinking budgets, schools are under heightened pressure to improve overall communications, school safety, parental involvement and teacher quality, ultimately for the purpose of improving student outcomes.

ECS’s involvement in the education industry ranges from the telephones in the offices and classrooms, the lines that come into those phones, the wireless internet that keeps the students, teachers, and buildings all over campus connected, the BlackBerry Smartphone that keeps the teachers available to the school and more importantly their students no matter where they are, to the security cameras that help keep the students safe.

ECS and the products and services they provide keep schools, students, teachers, and parents connected in a safe environment.


Mitel Solutions

  • Build a strong network foundation: leverage existing investment and save money while laying the foundation for future growth.

  • Increase administrative office efficiency: automate and manage incoming/outgoing/inter-office calls and faxes, freeing up office lines and increasing office productivity.

  • Enhance school safety: dramatically improve response times and outcomes during emergencies.

  • Increase parental involvement: improve parent-teacher communications with multi-language access to student information and school services.

  • Empower teachers and principals: give teachers and principals maximum mobility, transparency, access and multi-media tools that facilitate greater collaboration and innovative learning techniques.

  • Engage students: facilitate classroom video infusion, targeted distance learning, tutoring, mentoring and more.

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