ECS Solutions for Government

ECS Solutions for GovernmentGovernment Communication Challenges

  • Doing more with less – Meeting service demands with fewer resources while raising the quality of public services delivery
  • Modernizing communications that are often complex and disjointed, working out of multiple buildings, operating on separate voice systems
  • Maintaining service continuity when faced with unexpected disruptions and emergencies
  • Ensuring the well-being of citizens and protecting your communities
  • Enhancing workforce productivity and effectiveness
  • Fostering economic development and opportunities
  • Making your community a healthier place to live and work

"We are pleased with the services we receive from Electronic Communication Services, and we would highly recommend this company." - Erie City Water Authority Erie, PA


Mitel Solutions

Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through intelligent migration, Mitel offers agencies the means to adopt IP without breaking the bank. Agencies can re-use existing equipment where it makes sense while providing a consistent user experience for all workers— be they mobile, desk-based or home-based. The Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) is a state of the art VoIP platform that is designed to work with other manufacturer’s PBX systems, meaning agencies can retain their current PBX and add new applications when business drivers and budgets allow. Embedded applications include standard unified messaging, auto attendant, ACD and wireless.

Improving Citizen Interactions To improve service delivery, Mitel recognizes your need to focus on raising the quality of your citizen interactions while focusing on improved work-flow to achieve cost-efficiencies. Customer Interaction tools equip agents with presence information –allowing them to quickly resolve issues and establish a true connection with citizens. Reporting tools enhance workflow and offer the means to improve operational efficiency, allowing you to re-invest the savings in frontline service delivery.

Being Prepared for the Unexpected Having the right technologies to complement your emergency plan allows for faster, more informed, and more efficient incident response. Mitel’s resilient 3300 ICP ensures reliable communications when PBX-based lines are out of order. IP means you no longer have to dedicate a facility to operate a Contact Center— allowing you to set up operations anywhere providing agents with the ability to work from home in the event of a disruption. Mitel offers flexible teleworking, wireless, and conferencing solutions that when integrated into your emergency operating processes assist in keeping your critical operations running while continuing to deliver essential services until recovery is possible.

Enhancing Mobility Take advantage of communications tools like hot desking, mobile extension, wireless and broadband telephony to liberate your staff from the desk. Enhance the performance of your staff to ensure a high quality of citizen care that is delivered consistently and efficiently with an eye on the bottom line.

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