Sound Masking

Sound masking helps reduce distractions in your workplace. If you have an open floor plan in your office, your employees may have a hard time staying focused because of the multiple conversations going on around them. When you add sound masking, it helps quiet other people’s conversations. By reducing the distractions, your employees can better focus on their work.

How does it work?

Sound masking is an ambient sound, similar to the sound of airflow, specifically engineered to the frequency of human speech so you can target conversational distractions and make them less distracting. Sound masking does not cancel sound or eliminate all speech noise in an environment; it simply reduces how far away conversations can be heard and understood by others.


Imagine standing at a sink with the water off and people talking in the other room. With the water off you can hear the people and understand what they are saying. Now, imagine the same conversation taking place in the other room but you turn the water on. You can no long make out what the other people are saying because of the sound the water is making.

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