Utilize Existing Infrastructure


Need a network connection somewhere that only has single pair wiring, coax cabling or is said to be “too far” to run data?

Don’t want to spend the money to re-cable your building or run a cable to an area that is hard to get to?

Don’t let your existing infrastructure stop you from utilizing the power of IP devices. Cloud phone systems, IP security Cameras, and other IP devices all require a network connection. A lot of times, when replacing your existing devices, there is not a network connection available because only single pair cable or coax cable was run to the location.

We have a solution that allows you to provide a Power Over Ethernet (POE) data connection using your existing single pair wire and/or coax cable. This solution allows you to utilize the power of IP devices without needing to replace your entire infrastructure.

Another benefit this solution offers is its ability to deliver 10/100 full duplex and POE over multi-pair UTP cable for up to 2,000 feet, which is six times the distance of typical POE switches.

So whether you want to utilize your existing infrastructure or need to be able to deliver a network connection over a long distance, we have a solution to help you reach your goals.

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