Wireless Deployment

To add capacity to any network, wireless technology provides an inherently flexible and scalable alternative to fiber or leased lines without the associated high costs or lengthy installation time. We provide high-capacity backhaul solutions that enable wireless and Wireline service providers to meet their customers' growing needs for bandwidth, coverage, and mobility. Wireless solutions provide secure voice and data connections that are completely scalable, offer carrier-class reliability and are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


  • Significantly cuts operational expenditures by eliminating fiber and leased line costs
  • Adds network capacity in an organized and timely manner
  • Scalable to accommodate growing bandwidth needs
  • Carrier-class reliability at a fraction of the cost
  • Provides a solution for geographical barriers

The opportunities for your wireless network are endless. Adding capacity or extending your network into new areas is easy when you work with ECS — because we offer the expertise and all of the components in an end-to-end wireless solution.


  • Connect networks that are miles apart
  • Increase data network reliability and capacity
  • Provide redundancy for your critical link
  • Overcome geographical barriers with carrier-class service
  • Bring together remote users spread among many locations

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