Wireless Networks

Accessing the Internet public or private facilities such as hotels, convention centers, cafes and business offices is a growing trend. Wi-Fi® LANs offer unique services that differentiate venue owners’ public access services which help attract increasing numbers of customers and can increase revenues tough multiple channels.

Broadband wireless solutions offer business owners of all kinds the opportunity to increase customer spending on existing products and services and supplies them with multiple revenue streams through the resale of wireless applications. Access points offer multi-standard support and auto-configuration features to enable effortless and secure user connectivity.


  • Provides differentiating hospitality service which can create multiple revenue streams
  • Easy to use and effortless connection via auto-configuration of end user’s settings
  • Incredible security through multiple privacy and anti-piracy configurations
  • Dramatic and realized ROI through cost-effective broadband wireless solutions


  • Hospitality
  • Convention centers
  • Retail stores and complexes
  • Public transportation venues

The opportunities for your wireless network are endless. Adding capacity or extending your network into new areas is easy when you work with ECS – because we offer the expertise and all of the components in an end-to-end wireless solution.

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