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Electronic Communication Services (ECS)
has been offering our products and services since 1989.

From our business division that focuses on Erie, PA, and the surrounding Tri-State Area (OH/PA/NY), to our hospitality division that services hotels all over the United States, ECS will go the distance to provide you with the latest technology and the best customer service, at an affordable rate.

ECS products and services include:

ip-phone-square.pngPhone Systems - Whether you are looking for a Cloud or On-Premise phone system, ECS has a solution that can be tailored to meet your business’s individual needs.

structured-cabling-square.pngStructured Cabling - From the design of the layout and the pulling of the cable, to the terminations and certifications, ECS can provide a full service low voltage cabling solution.
Sound Systems - Whether you need overhead paging, background music, or sound for a rooftop bar, ECS has a solution.

surveillance-square.pngVideo Surveillance - ECS has the experience it takes to design a camera layout that will cover the areas you need covered most. network-infrastructure-square.pngNetwork Infrastructure - ECS offers network switches, routers, uninterruptible power supplies, patch panels, racks, cable management, and more.

meeting-room-av-square.pngMeeting and Conference Room A/V - ECS knows what it takes to provide you with the right equipment to make your meeting room a powerful collaboration tool, keeping you, your employees, and your customers connected.

video-conference-square.pngVideo Conferencing - ECS offers a variety of products and services to make collaborating with customers and co-workers as easy as possible. sip-square.pngSIP Phone Service - SIP phone service is local/long distance/toll free/fax that is delivered to your business via your internet connection.
managed-it.pngManaged IT - ECS’s Managed IT Services Solution includes a variety of products and services that allow our customers to focus on their business, and not have to worry about managing their technology.
cell-booster-square.pngCell Phone Signal Boosters - ECS offers boosters that take the signal outside of your building and distribute it to the areas you need it most. door-access-square.pngDoor Access Control - Door Access Control provides a range of benefits from security to time management.


Fiber Internet - Fiber can provide your business with the bandwidth you need to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.